Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin on Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things,” has read his fair share of online fan theories for the show. While visiting the Daily Variety studio, he shared his favorite far-fetched fan idea with host Audrey Yap.

“They’re all interesting. My favorite theory is that Suzie’s actually a Russian mastermind and spy working with the Russian government. I think it’s so stupid and so funny. I hope that doesn’t play out because that would be weird,” Matarazzo said.

After shooting to stardom with “Stranger Things” and his Netflix show “Prank Encounters,” the 17-year-old actor said he still tries to stay grounded and live a normal life. He goes to a public school in New Jersey and has a fake Instagram account for his close friends to follow.

“I have my friend group there that I have been friends with since I was younger…The majority of kids get to go to public school and experience everything and get to grow with friends, they have grown with for so long. My worst fear is being disconnected to that because of my work,” he said.

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