When Stephanie Beatriz’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” character Rosa Diaz came out as bisexual on the show’s 100th episode, it was a watershed moment for bisexual visibility; Beatriz, who herself identifies bi, helped craft Rosa’s arc, which would go on to include Jocelyn, Rosa’s now ex-girlfriend.

But as far as future love interests go for her deadpan detective character, Beatriz is unsure.

“Really what I hope is that the writers are able to show a little more, in a subtle way, of what it means to be bi or pan or queer [and] in this particular way, which is she dates all kinds of people,” Beatriz told Variety on the “Variety After-Show.” “I don’t want it to focus a ton on Rosa’s love life although it would be interesting to see what happens after [her ex-girflriend Jocelyn] because she let this person into her life in a really big way, and that didn’t work out.”

She also reveals the hardest part about shooting (SPOILER) Rosa’s big season 7 heist episode win, how she’s keeping in touch with her “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “In the Heights” co-stars and how her coronavirus “quarantine cooking” is going.