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Star Wars

'Star Wars' Fans Weigh in on the Great Porg Debate

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has finally arrived and fans are split about their love for Porgs.

Variety hit the street to interview fans waiting to see the movie outside Hollywood’s Chinese Theater about their thoughts on the newest “Star Wars” species.

“I’m not against Porgs, but I’m not quite jumping on the Porgs wagon,” one fan said. “I want to wait and see what they’re about. They’re cute, but are they just going to be some background character or are they actually going to have an integral part of the storyline.

“I want to be pro-Porg,” another fan said.

“I’m kinda neutral,” one fan said nervously. “Maybe this can be OK. I might allow it, we’ll see.”

Fans’ trepidation over the lovable newcomers is probably caused from Jar Jar Binks, the reviled Gungan who appeared throughout the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy. The hope is that the Porgs don’t turn out to be as annoying and out of place.

“I’ll reserve my judgement until I see if they’re like Jar Jar,” a fan responded.

The Porgs are native creatures of Ahch-To, the planet Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) exiled himself to after failing to train Ben Solo (Adam Driver) and the next generation of Jedi.

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