The creators of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” discussed the eye-catching art style of the best animated feature Oscar winner at a Variety Screening Series.

“A lot of things that you see in most CG films, we didn’t want,” co-director Peter Ramsey said. “We wanted a look that was going to make you feel like…walking into a comic book.”

Producer Chris Miller revealed how he and writer Phil Lord were approached by fellow producers Amy Pascal and Avi Arad four years ago to make an animated Spider-Man movie.

“We talked to each other and thought, ‘How could we make a movie in a world where there are many superhero movies?'” Miller said. “Two things came to our mind: You could tell the story of Miles Morales, and you could make an animated movie that felt like nothing you’d ever seen before — like you could walk into a three-dimensional comic book.”

Miller revealed how the film took about four times as long as a normal animated movie to make due to the never-before-seen visual effects.

“[Sony] Imageworks were good sports,” co-director Bob Persichetti said, “but at first they were a little bit scared.”