“Devs” will remain a one-season limited series, but star Sonoya Mizuno says there is a chance that the cast — which includes Nick Offerman, Alison Pill and Jin Ha — may reunite for an entirely different Alex Garland project.

The FX on Hulu show marks the third time the British Japanese actor has worked with Garland, who created, wrote and directed the sci-fi thriller, which centers on a mysterious tech company, Amaya, whose mascot is a creepy oversized statue of a toddler. While the statue itself was added in post, she says she saw mock-ups of it while shooting.

“[But] we had no idea how huge it would be,” Mizuno tells Variety on the “Variety After-Show.” “The Amaya statue and the devs’ cube and the gold pulsating walls — they’re all things that come from Alex’s imagination. He says these things, and you say, ‘Cool, sounds really cool, but I’ve got no idea what that’s going to look like.’”

Mizuno adds that it was a rare delight to portray a romantic relationship, between her character and Jin Ha’s (Jamie), that wasn’t centered on their shared Asian descent.

“When it does happen, it’s often in a story which is kind of defined by Asian characteristics, whatever they may be. And so usually often, as we know, if there’s someone who is a person of color, their romantic relationship on-screen will often be with someone who is not that,” she says.