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When writer-director Sofia Coppola was penning the script for Apple TV Plus and A24’s “On the Rocks,” she set her sights on casting Rashida Jones and Bill Murray as daughter and father in the comedy-drama due to their natural camaraderie.

The film follows Felix (Murray) and Laura (Jones) as they journey across New York City and Mexico to find out whether Laura’s husband (Marlon Wayans) is having an affair. Variety artisans editor Jazz Tangcay moderated the conversation between Jones and Coppola, who talked about the making of the film and shooting its most difficult scene.

“What I love so much about this is just the exploration of what it’s like to be an adult daughter. Cause I just don’t think you see that very often,” Jones said. “I love that idea that she’s kind of like torn between these two worlds. And she really does through this process of going on a caper with her dad, she has to let go of this idea that her dad knows better for her than she knows for herself … hopefully they can really be adult father and daughter and be friends and respect each other moving forward from this moment.”

While Coppola grew up in Northern California, she wanted the film to act as a love letter to New York, where she currently resides: “I think there’s something about not being from New York, you have this kind of romantic association with New York … And I always try to have the audience feel that they’re in that place and enjoying this particular part of it.”