When Sophie Allison started composing her third studio album, “Sometimes, Forever,” the singer-songwriter had a central goal in mind: to push herself out of her comfort zone as an artist.

“I just wanted [the album] to be different, sonically,” Allison, better known under the moniker Soccer Mommy, said during the most recent episode of “Live From My Den.” “I had specific ideas for wanting to get that live-band-playing-a-song feel and then being able to create this magical ambience and atmosphere around it and adding strange synths and strange sounds and stuff like that on top of this core thing that’s just really tight.”

To achieve her vision, Allison enlisted the help of Daniel Lopatin, a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never, the record producer behind experimental electronic tracks from The Weeknd and FKA twigs. The defining moment of their collaboration, Allison said, was the process of writing “Bones,” the first song on the album.

”We worked on getting this good, live band take. But then also, all of the tones that we were using for something as simple as guitar parts — just really cool watery delays and reverbs and stuff — just gave it a different life.”

“I didn’t know ‘Shotgun’ was going to be the single,” Allison continued, reflecting on the March 2022 release of the album’s fourth track. “When we took it in the studio, it clearly was going to be one, but I thought ‘Bones’ would probably be the first single, or the big single.”

Allison first started posting songs to Bandcamp in 2015, shortly before leaving for college, and continued to make music from her dorm room as a student at New York University. Eight years later, the Nashville native revealed she still takes large inspiration from spending her formative college years in New York City.

“Living in a big city, it can be very isolating,” Allison said. “I think that inspired a lot of music for me and I think it also gave me a lot of personal drive to wanna work on music all the time and make it for myself and be less afraid of putting it out there and being rejected for it.”

Since the release of her latest studio album, Allison composed her first original score for “We Were Three,” a three-part podcast series from The New York Times and Serial Productions and told Variety she is eager to take on similar opportunities. In the meantime, Allison plans to tour in Australia this February.

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