“Small screens” can mean a lot of things, but this panel focuses on how artists and their teams can get their music noticed in the vast sea of TikTok, YouTube, videogames and elsewhere. To that end, Music for Small Screens: The New Rules of Music Discovery panel features a wide-ranging set of executives from across the field: Isabel Quinteros Annous, global head of music partnerships at TikTok; Kathy Baker, director and head of U.S. label relations for YouTube; Celine Joshua, executive VP of commercial innovation & artist strategy at Universal Music Group; Nate Nanzer, VP of global partnerships for Epic Games; and Sean Stevens, VP of A&R and head of research & analytics at Warner Records.

To tackle such a complex and wide-ranging topic, the group, took a relatively simple approach: Each panelist was asked to briefly explain their job, then they were asked what tactics and ideas they’ve seen work on the various platforms — and ones they’ve seen that do not work.

Obviously no approach fits all, but two conclusions that all the panelists came to was for the artists to spend some time on the platforms and get the lay of the land, and most importantly, to be themselves and not to try to transform their personalities in a way that, as Stevens mentioned, comes off like actor Steve Buscemi’s famous “Hello, fellow kids!” meme.

The panelists spoke expansively and informatively, covering multiple topics in a short period of time — and learned plenty from each other.