Can data tell you how to create a compelling story?

In conversation with PwC’s Allison Millar at Variety‘s Silicon Valleywood presented by pWc on Tuesday, content creators at top media companies discussed how they foresee which stories will resonate with audiences.

“We always think it’s gonna be more hard than science,” said Mike DiBenedetto, the Director of Content Strategy at Snap Inc. “Things like memorable characters, arcs, art direction is always gonna be driven by a creative person that has a story to tell.”

DiBenedetto did say data can be a guiding light at the beginning of the storytelling process though, serving as a way to inform him and his team what demographics are underserved and need more attention.

Malik Ducard, the Global Head of Film & TV at Youtube, agreed, saying that “creative intuition, vision, inspiration, that creative heartbeat is what ultimately drives great creativity.”

He continued: “Data and algorithms are incredibly helpful but they tend to capture and display the world as is rather than what the world could be.”