After immigrating to the U.S. and driving around small towns in the desert, “She’s Missing” director Alexandra McGuinness started noticing missing person posters, which went on to inspire her new film.

“I moved to America in 2013, and I don’t think I had ever been in a desert before. The story kind of came from those trips,” McGuinness told Daily Variety anchor Audrey Yap.

“She’s Missing” follows Lucy Fry’s character Heidi as she travels across the desert in search of her missing best friend. Along the way, she digs up secrets and encounters violence from life on the road.

After staying in one town for a couple of days, McGuinness heard a missing person case that stuck with her.

“There was this one story that was about this girl who had been missing for 12 years, and her mother was still organizing Facebook groups to go and search for her,” she said. “There is nothing recognizable from that story in the movie, but it was just that idea that in a country as big as America, you can just get lost.”