Sharon Horgan, who created and starred in the British series “Catastrophe,” spoke at the Variety TV Summit in London about how her production company Merman, which produces the HBO series “Divorce” with Sarah Jessica Parker, helps bring young female filmmakers’ first projects to life.

“When we’re looking for a director on something, the first list we draw up is a female-only list. And that might not work out, it’s just trying to readdress that balance a little bit. We take commissions that make us really no money because they’re one-off, smaller things, so that we can work with younger female directors who haven’t got a bunch of content behind them and aren’t necessarily going to get a series handed to them,” she said. “We do that so they can get stuff on their reel so that we can take it to the next stage and make it a series. It’s not a big selfless thing, it genuinely I think makes the work better and more varied and it’s boring going to the same people all the time.”