Variety’s Innovate Summit brought together security experts for the panel titled “Security and AI — Will Hackers Leave Robots Alone?” Pieter Penning of PwC served as moderator, in conversation with executives from Turner, Dish, Legendary Entertainment, and Darktrace.

Eloy Avila of Darktrace, a global AI company, talked about the ways people have adapted to protect against threats in a world bursting with technology. He says government agencies like MI5 and MI6 in the U.K. have begun to use AI to understand networks, and apply that knowledge to surface attacks and attempt to stop threats in their tracks.

“Today we’ve got light bulbs, refrigerators, cars, everything has an IP address, everything’s connected to your network,” Avila said. “Your network has expanded into the cloud. So [it’s about] having that visibility, having that peace of mind as to what’s happening, whether that’s a threat or not.”