Sebastian Stan spent most of his time on set for Drake Doremus’ film “Endings, Beginnings” improvising. The star is still baffled by how the whole thing stitched into a fluid narrative, “I have no idea how he edited it together,” Stan explained on the Variety After-Show. “No takes were the same.”

Stan plays a pair of “star-crossed friends” with co-star Jamie Dornan, “we’re good friends in the movie and our friendship is tested when we meet Shailene [Woodley].”

“It’s a very honest movie about how confusing relationships are sometimes, and really how messy they are in terms of beginning, middle and end,” he said. “Things don’t always just close, the door doesn’t just close it sometimes drags on.” But don’t get it twisted this romance story is by no means a rom-com.

The actual work of acting through a predominately improvised piece of art is a whole other challenge. “It’s definitely scary because [you think] how interesting of a person am I?” Stan asked. “When you have a scene, you have lines, sometimes you have a little protection because you have to say that at the end of the day. You’re wondering if you’re going to come up with interesting things or not [but] we had a direction.” After only two weeks of rehearsals and a rough outline of narrative direction the actors were let go to go wild.

Did the long-time Marvel star feel comfortable being so free? “Every scene made me question why I was doing this, and why my relationships haven’t really worked… it was a very exposing process.”

The former “Gossip Girl” alum also shared a few thoughts on the CW series, and how it forever altered his view on wearing belts!