In a single sentiment, “The Good Doctor” showrunner David Shore captured the central duty of television creators. “Unless we’re living in a utopia, our job is to contribute to and to advance the debate and advance the discussion,” he said. “If we’re not entertaining people, we’re not doing our job. But if we’re only entertaining people, we’re wasting our time.”

Shore joined “S.W.A.T.” showrunner Aaron Rahssan Thomas; “One Day at a Time” showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett; “For Life” showrunner Hank Steinberg; “Them” showrunner Little Marvin; “For All Mankind” executive producer Maril Davis and “Coyote” executive producer and director Michelle MacLaren at the Sony Pictures TV Virtual FYC House with Variety senior editor Michael Schneider to discuss bringing a script to life on screen.

The panel dug into what it was like making honest television at a time when audiences were itching for an escape. For MacLaren’s “Coyote,” that meant developing an entertaining action drama that at its core is a conversation between Mexico and the United States. The series centers on a retired border patrol agent who ends up having to work for the very people he spent decades trying to keep out of the U.S.

“We had a lot of input from the locals [in Baja], and the people that we were associating with because we really wanted to keep it real and honest and we wanted to be checked constantly to make sure we were telling the various perspectives in the right way,” she said. “It was a really magical experience because everybody came together to talk about a really hard story.”

Watch the panel in full above.

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