Moira Rose, the family matriarch in CBS’ “Schitt’s Creek”  has become a cast-favorite in the Canadian sitcom – not only because of her outrageous one-liners and superfluous outfits but perhaps most of all because of the countless vibrant wigs she dons in every episode. For Variety‘s Artisans series, Catherine O’Hara, who plays Rose in the series, and hairstylist Ana Sorys, talk about the upwards of 100 wigs Rose wears throughout the series.

“I think when you try on a wig, [it] can make you feel a lot of different feelings and put you in a lot of different moods. And we will pick wigs just according to moods Moira is in,” O’Hara said.  “I would say Moira gives the wigs personality opposed to the other away around.”