While the majority of celebrants and celebrities didn’t seem too disappointed by the lack of host at the 2019 Academy Awards, Sarah Silverman is not most celebrities.

“I miss the opening monologue and taking a piss at all that stuff, I miss it,” Silverman told Variety’s Marc Malkin at the Vanity Fair after-party.

After Kevin Hart resigned from hosting this year’s Oscar’s in response to anti-gay tweets resurfacing, the Academy appointed a wide array of acclaimed actors and comedians to take the stage throughout the night, including Silverman’s colleagues Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Tina Fey, who opened up the show.

“I was very happy to see the comedians that were there, like Amy Maya, and Tina,” Silverman said. “That was a great opening.”

But the comedian also admits that she misses the non-PC humor of the traditional monologue.

“We need Chelsea Peretti hosting the Oscars,” she said. “Nobody’s safe and I think we needed that, it would’ve been cathartic for us. I do support PC culture but I also support rock-hard jokes.”