Fans everywhere were shocked when co-creator Christopher Lloyd told EW that a “significant” character would be dying in an upcoming season of the show. But for actress Sarah Hyland, a death in the family is fine as long as it isn’t Stella, the family’s beloved french bull dog.

‘If the dog dies, I leave,’ she told Variety at the Women in Film and Variety’s annual Emmy nominee party. “I’m that person that watches ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I’m like ‘feed the zombie the baby before the dog.’ I’m a horrible person I know, but I just love animals so much.

Although Hyland does not know which character is set to die, she did feel a certain kinship with other television shows that often kill off main characters in morbid ways.

“I saw the article, and I was like ‘are these how the actors on ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Walking Dead’ feel every time they get a new script,” she said. “Should I be scared? I Don’t know.”

Hyland also said she hasn’t paid much attention to the online furor surrounding the mysterious death, but after seeing Lloyd’s quote in the media, she was a little bit worried. After all, “Haley is very accident prone,” she added.