The Variety Streaming Room hosted an exclusive Q&A with “Killing Eve” stars Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer and Fiona Shaw, along with executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle. The team discussed how the relationship between Oh’s MI6 agent Eve Polastri and Comer’s psychopathic assassin Villanelle continues to evolve and where the series might go moving forward.

The interplay between Eve and Villanelle is the series’ bread-and-butter, with their mutual fascination for one another threading a tension across the series that feeds into its macabre sense of glee, even when the two of them spend extended time apart from one another.

Gentle spoke to the challenges of keeping Eve and Villanelle’s dynamic fresh over the duration of the series’ twenty-four episodes.

“What [we] got going for [us] is two extraordinary actors that just crackle with energy whether they’re together or apart,” Gentle said. “Both characters have awoken something else in each other, so that’s constantly there. You feel that it’s going on even when they’re not together, and then you’ve got no idea really what’s going to happen when they do come together… I think the most important thing for us is that it’s got to be different each time. Their relationship is moving on. Their understanding of what the other has given them has got to keep shifting. And sometimes they are deluded about what that is.“

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Watch the full Q&A, moderated by Variety’s Michael Schneider, above.