“First Man” screened at the Toronto Film Festival and Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy and Damien Chazelle stopped by the Variety Studio presented by AT&T to discuss the importance of the moon-landing film.

“I was less interested in doing a biopic about Neil Armstrong and more about trying to figure out how we as a nation got to the moon,” said director Chazelle, who helmed the 2016 Academy-Award winning movie “La La Land,” which also starred Gosling.

While doing extensive research about the real-life people they were portraying on screen, the cast met with relatives to learn vital information.

“We [Chazelle and Gosling] had the opportunity to meet June Armstrong, Neil’s sister, in the farm where he was born,” said Gosling. “We met with colleagues, friends, and it was a tremendous amount of help and good will.”

Foy, who plays Neil’s wife, Janet, added: “They were so not protective, it felt like they were welcoming and they wanted to invite us in and answer questions. I Skyped with Marc Armstrong, the youngest, which was great.”