Robin Wright says directing is like a “yummy dessert.”

The “House of Cards” star made her directorial debut in the second season of the show, and continued to direct in its sixth and final season. Wright told Variety during her cover interview that it felt like a “revelation.”

“You’ve entered this whole other arena that you’ve witnessed your whole life in this craft that we do, acting. And then you finally get to be in the leadership role, it’s so great being a director,” she said. “Traditionally we’ve been in this film industry and it’s a man’s world and predominantly male directors forever. That’s just the way we’ve known this industry. And the only time a woman or a female director comes into the conversation is when you have a piece, and somebody says, now this piece needs to be directed by a female because it’s a woman’s story — let’s just use as an example. But you don’t hear that in the reverse. So I think opening up that pool to diversity — everybody bringing their stories to life, and just get out of the compartmentalization of it.”

Wright also expanded on how her “Cards” character Claire Underwood walks the line between traditionally male and female character traits.

“She is kind of a surrogate man,” Wright said of her character. “The way we operate is very different, men and women, and she is the best of both sexes. She operates with that male instinct, an Iron John, and then she’s got that female side. Women are community builders, they know how to work together, they know how to get things done, just differently than the way men do it.”

She added that Underwood was always set to become the first female president, but how she got there was up in the air.

“If Hillary had won, she would have been voted in — more legit,” she said.

The “Wonder Woman” actress also expressed gratitude for the chances she’s had to play women worth looking up to.

“I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity at this age to play strong, female leaders that symbolize really formidable ideas and methodologies,” she said. “As dirty and scandalous as [Claire] is, and even though Wonder Woman’s aunt wears leather panties — whatever, they’re sending good messages. Fighting for equality and justice and speaking the truth.”