Robert Greenblatt, WarnerMedia entertainment and direct-to-consumer chairman, joined the Variety Streaming Room as a keynote speaker to discuss the upcoming launch of HBO Max.

In conversation with Variety business editor Cynthia Littleton, Greenblatt gave a sneak peek into the world of HBO Max, describing their unique plan for content curation.

“You will see at launch something we call programming hubs, content hubs, which I think is new in the world of streaming platforms. And that is once you scroll down beyond some of the top carousels, you will see groupings of programs – programming according to their brands,” Greenblatt said. “You could just roll right down to the HBO hub and then you’re immediately in a HBO-curated world. But there will be other brands that you can do that with as well such as Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, anime.”

Greenblatt said that the reason for this curation-focused model was the overwhelming nature and lack of organization on other streaming platforms.

“I think we’re all frustrated to some degree by the volume of these platforms,” Greenblatt said. “You can scroll this way, that way, up and down and be frustrated at not finding something unless you search for it.”

However, what really makes a difference, he said, is the quality of HBO’s content, as well as the Warner Bros. films and television shows the platform has acquired.

“So you come to expect when you go to HBO – even if it’s not your personal taste – you’re going to see nothing but high-level quality programming,” Greenblatt said. “We’re trying to curate that throughout the entire platform, and with the new Max originals and even the library content.”

HBO Max launches May 27.