Despite crossovers between CW’s “Arrow,” “Flash,” and “Supergirl,” the cast of “Riverdale” thinks it’s unlikely there will be a joint episode between “Riverdale” and Netflix’s upcoming supernatural adaptation “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

At Comic-Con, “Riverdale” actress Ashleigh Murray told Variety she hopes “Riverdale” can continue to be a show without magic, something that would be compromised if the gritty “Archie” cast met up with Sabrina the teenage witch.

“I like the fact there is a show that is enjoyable for many people that doesn’t require capes or magicians or any sort of superpower,” Murray said.

Although both shows are set in the same canonical universe and featured crossover issues, series lead KJ Apa stressed “Riverdale” has little influence from the comics.

Cast member Luke Perry said the show doesn’t need any supernatural elements. “‘Riverdale’ is freaky on its own,” he said. “We’ve managed to dial up the freak factor without magic and all that stuff.”

The third season of “Riverdale” premieres Oct. 10 on the CW.