After being known only as Robb Stark for three seasons on “Game of Thrones,” Richard Madden was ready to move on and play characters who aren’t so idealistic and noble.

“I’d like to explore things that are a bit not Romeo. I think I spent 10 years playing different versions of Romeo. From Robb Stark to literally playing Romeo twice on stage, once when I was 21 and once when I was 30, I’ve played a lot of these good guys that bad things happen to,” he told Amy Adams during their Variety Actors on Actors chat.

Luckily, his Golden Globe-winning role as military veteran David Budd on “Bodyguard” gave Madden a completely different character to play. Budd was a military veteran, suffered from PTSD and, most importantly to Madden, a father.

“I don’t have any children, and I think your mind frame changes, your concept of your mortality changes, when you have a child. That affects characters, and I’m interested in those characters more. I’m interested in this moral space that isn’t so clean cut as good guys and bad guys,” he said.

Despite having rigid time and scheduling commitments on “Game of Thrones,” Madden said he learned a lot from his three seasons and had trouble saying goodbye to his co-stars, who became very close.

“I was sad to leave my family. I spent more time with my screen mother than my real mother. You get very attached to people, but I was happy to move on from that,” he said.

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