Abigail Spencer stars in Hulu’s new drama “Reprisal” as Katherine Harlow, a woman whose brother chained her to a truck and left her for dead. To seek revenge, she recreates herself comes back as an alter ego named Doris Quinn.

The femme fatale thriller put Spencer in a visceral, dual role, which she enjoyed.

“What I love about the show is it is very respectful and really honoring to the female experience, and we are putting that forward. She was abused and she gets beat up by a guy who’s threatening her and she stands up to him,” said Spencer.

Spencer plays a game of “Good vs. Evil” with Daily Variety host Audrey Yap, channeling the two characters she plays in the show in deciding if some everyday things are good or bad–like putting a seat back on a coach flight.

“Yes! It’s a good thing. As far back as anyone can get–equal opportunity reclining,” said Spencer.

When it comes to having more than 10 items in the express checkout line, Spencer went with a different approach: evil. And what about staying friends with an ex?

“That’s gray. I think it depends. I don’t think it is all evil or all good, I think it just depends and it depends on your current partner’s comfort on it,” said Spencer.