Regina Hall reminisced over “Scary Movie” and learning as an up and coming actor with Emilia Clarke during Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series.

“Scary Movie” marked Regina Hall’s first big role. “Scary movie was a broad comedy. It wasn’t easy for me to get comedies then even. It was not a romantic comedy. For those comedies I always felt like the men had the good jokes and they had the pretty ingenue girlfriend,” she said. “I didn’t quite fit into that either.”

Hall said of breaking into acting, “It’s always been a fight, slowly but surely. It wasn’t one big giant thing; it was kind of a culmination of many things and people.” She added, “It was great because I learned so much.”

Hall remarked that Clarke must have learned as actress on set of “Game of Thrones.” Hall said, “You’re in places where you actually learn about the craft and I think that’s probably the best part of the process.”

Hall admitted that starting out as a screen actor she had much to learn. For example, she didn’t know what matching for continuity was since she had no experience with that as an actor for stage. Clarke joked about how difficult it was to remember where she exactly she put her hands for continuity matching.

Clarke mimicked a conversation she would have on set about matching. “With continuity, I’m sorry babe. You’re like no I didn’t. They’re like no you did.”

“Actors on Actors” will air on PBS June 18th and 20th.