Insurance for a $60 million film has increased tenfold in the age of COVID-19. And that’s just one of many changes film industry professionals have had to face.

In the sixth iteration of Variety‘s “Rebooting the Entertainment Industry” streaming room series, sponsored by PwC and the Ad Council, Variety senior reporter Elaine Low moderated a conversation on the future outlook for growth in the industry. The episode six panelists included Greg Boyer, a partner and U.S. media and consulting leader at PwC, Mark Gill, the president and CEO of Solstice Studios, Allison Page, the president of Magnolia Network and Syrinthia Studer, executive vice president at Nickelodeon and Awesomeness Films.

The event covered current difficulties when creating new films and television shows as well as potential changes made to the entertainment industry even after the return to normalcy.

“I think the appetite for good content hasn’t waned at all,” Page said. “I think how that content is made, where it’s made, who’s making it, that is all kind of being thrown into question. I look at a lot of the content that’s getting shot during this time, and the production values are different, the style is different, but I think it actually lends an even greater air of authenticity to it.”