Harley Quinn Smith at the Premiere
Harley Quinn Smith at the Premiere

Harley Quinn Smith Says Even Brad Pitt Had to Follow Quentin Tarantino's No-Cell Phone Rule

Harley Quinn Smith, who appears in Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded blockbuster “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” spoke to Variety about the prolific director’s famous no-cell phone rule that he employs on set, explaining that even Brad Pitt has to follow the rules. “Everybody has to follow the no-cell phone rule — everybody!” Smith said at the premiere Monday night. “There was a check-point before you entered set where you had to actually give in your phone.”

“I adored it, I wish every movie set was like that,” she continued. “When you don’t have your phone you can be so much more immersed in the experience.”

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