This year’s Power of Women honorees Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston, Awkwafina, Chaka Khan and Dana Walden sat down for a studio interview with Variety, sharing the life advice they relied on as they pursued success in the entertainment industry. 

“Find your voices, find your strength and don’t let anyone dim your spirit, your light and what you have to bring to the table,” Aniston advises. “I think that’s really being proven to all of us in extraordinary ways in the last few years.”

And women in Hollywood are doing just that. Variety reported Tuesday that after decades of stagnation women directors have seen major gains in Hollywood.

For Carey, she advises women not to worry about being super nice.

“Cause then people just walk all over you,” Carey said. “It’s not just from men, it’s from everyone really. I think as women, we need to really be in touch with the fact that it’s okay for us not to be the nicest person in the room.”