Recent Sony and Microsoft announcements detailed the current state of game consoles and what’s on the horizon, but they also gave a sense of evolution gamers should expect to see in the coming months to years.

Sony released the first early details for its Next-Gen PlayStation. The replacement for the PlayStation 4 will be a much more powerful system with better spatial audio, ray tracing support and a high-speed hard drive that could rid the console of a major performance bottleneck. The system won’t be at this year’s E3 or coming in 2019.

Microsoft, which is expected to show off its own next-gen console at E3 this year, unveiled the latest iteration of its Xbox One. The Xbox One S All-Digital will be exactly like the Xbox One S, but without a Blu-ray drive. Instead, the system will only support downloaded content. It will also sell for $50 less than the Xbox One S.

Here, Variety senior correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister sits down with video game editor Brian Crecente to chat about Sony and Microsoft’s latest announcements, plus the future of game streaming.