The Artists Den and Variety return this week with Upstate New York-via-New Jersey quintet Pinegrove, performing and talking about songs from their fifth and latest album, “11:11,” on “Live From My Den.” The album tackles many issues with the current state of the world, but the main recurring theme is that of the climate crisis.

In the interview, singer/songwriter/guitarist Evan Stephens Hall says of the difference between this and previous albums, “There was a huge change, and that was because of where our country was and what it felt like to be alive. A lot of people have commented that this is a more political approach, but for me, it was just that politics has become less and less of a discrete thing — like, sometimes you talk about it, and there are places that you’re not supposed to talk about it. It just got metabolized into my daily consciousness, and kind of is a realization that basically everything is a political gesture, and if it’s not, then it’s in support of the status quo which we know is not working. So I guess I became a little bit more confident to talk about those sorts of things because I had more time to read and research during 2020. What else was I going to do?”

The group talks about how they weathered the pandemic, the process of recording the album — which was self-produced by the band with mixing by Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie, the Decemberists) — and what’s up with the “11” obsession.

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