In this week’s installment of “Live From My Den,” electronic music duo Phantogram, fresh off the release of their fourth album “Ceremony,” perform songs from their Los Angeles home studio Harmonie West. The weekly series from Variety and Artists Den showcases today’s top musicians performing live from the intimate settings of their home studios.

Hailing from the town of Greenwich in Upstate New York, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter take viewers on a tour of their Laurel Canyon, Calif., home, displaying the fan art and posters they’ve collected over the years, and providing an inside look at their creative process for their visually inspired “Ceremony.”

Phantogram played “When I’m Small,” off of their first album “Eyelid Movies,” followed by a performance of a stripped-down rendition of their hit “Fall in Love” and “Bill Murray,” both off of the duo’s second studio album “Voices.”

While the duo misses live performances, they say that, as introverts, the seclusion provided by quarantine hasn’t been the worst thing for them, and strive to channel an East Coast sound while in L.A. With the creation of “Ceremony,” released in March, Carter said it was refreshing to go back to the basics of the duo’s first album and focus on making music they wanted to listen to without added pressure.

“The best thing of making this album really was just feeling completely free and doing whatever and not trying too hard — just having everything come from the heart and being experimental and having a good time together,” Carter said.

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