Patrick Stewart Actors on Actors
Patrick Stewart Actors on Actors

Patrick Stewart's Most Bizarre Fan Encounter Combined Mayan, 'Star Trek' Universes

Patrick Stewart recalled his most bizarre fan encounter during a sit-down with Thomas Middleditch for Variety‘s fourth season of “Actors on Actors.” The “Blunt Talk” star was exploring the Mayan ruins in Mexico when he almost ran into a woman who couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Oh my god, it’s Jean Luc Picard?” she screamed, referring to his famous “Star Trek” character.

The entire interview can be watched when the two-part fourth-season premiere of “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors” airs June 12 and June 19 on PBS SoCal. Presented by Shopbop/East Dane, the episodes will also be available to stream on

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