Patricia Clarkson discussed women in film and her rise through independent cinema with Variety‘s Peter Debruge on Variety Critics Corner presented by HBO Europe at Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

“There are a lot of big producers, they’re all male,” said Clarkson. “They are now realizing not only is it politically correct to have women writing, producing, directing acting — it’s exciting.”

She recalled her roles in independent films in the late 1990’s: “Everything is perception in our industry – so much of it. And I think people started to realize that I’m a chameleon, that I can change, that I am not what I look like. The independent cinema just started to come to me: ‘Far From Heaven,’ ‘Pieces of April,’ ‘The Station Agent,’ these gorgeous, beautiful films that really changed my life.”

She offered her philosophy on her craft: “However extreme a character may be, it also has to have you in it. It has to be your being.” She added,” If you’re completely dissociated from the character, the character won’t have blood. It has to have my blood in it.”