Netflix’s most-watched original series, “Orange Is the New Black,” is finally over after seven seasons. Creator Jenji Kohan and star Uzo Aduba bid farewell to the series and reminisced on their favorite moments in Variety‘s cover story.

“I’m dead inside. It’s not real yet that it’s over because it feels like a natural break between seasons,” said Kohan. The “Weeds” creator first started making “Orange” before Netflix became a household name, and she and the cast had no idea the series would go on to win four Emmys out of 20 nominations. Netflix also revealed that 105 million users have watched at least one episode of the show.

“The way we finished, you felt that finality on the day. But I feel like the weight of it is going to hit when we’re supposed to be going back to work, and the absence of the thing that’s been there for so long, that’s when it’s going to feel done,” said Aduba.

The actress, who plays Suzanne Warren, also revealed two of her favorite scenes in the show’s history. The first was when Lorna (Yael Stone) gets a heartbreaking call from her boyfriend Christopher saying they should break up.

“I loved that scene because as an actor, I know nobody is on that phone, so I know Yael is killing it by herself talking to no one and that’s amazing and genius,” she said. The other was Poussey Washington’s (Samira Wiley) final scene.

“I never cried reading a script before, and this closing line, ‘Poussey looks at us, and she smiles that smile we’ve all come to know and love,’ I could see it. I remember just sobbing. That was so beautiful,” she said.