Omar Dorsey

Omar Dorsey Kicks Back With 'Weekend Guilty Pleasures'


Omar Dorsey has been in some very intense dramas: “Selma,” “Queen Sugar,” and “Django Unchained,” to name a few.

Dorsey, though, loves comedy, and when he wants to kick back on a weekend with snacks and bourbon, and just have fun in front of the screen, he picks a very specific kind of film.

“Preferably an hour and a half, ’cause two hours is a little bit too long,” he says. “An hour and a half you just sittin’ there, vegging out. Maybe you can get a double feature in; three hours. And you’ll probably go to sleep halfway through the second one. But that’s a perfect guilty pleasure.”

His choices for this short list: Mel Brooks’ Star Wars spoof “Spaceballs” and “Teen Wolf” (the Michael J. Fox comedy, not the TV remake). “These are movies I remember from when I was a kid,” he says. “On a Saturday or a Sunday when I would just be home, chillin’, and like, ‘I’m gonna just put something on,’ and we had the VHS.”

“Teen Wolf” was Michael J. Fox at his peak. “He was a good guy. And he was immensely talented. You wanted to follow wherever he was gonna go, and see what he was gonna do.”

“It’s not necessarily the greatest film of all time, it’s just the way that he brought it home, and the way that he brought it together,” he added.

The genius of “Spaceballs,” Dorsey says, begins with Brooks. “When I was in college and I was studying theater and film, he was one of the people who I was really looking at because I really love comedy so much. And I thought he was the master. I think he’s maybe the best comedic director ever.

He loves the cast of the film, too, top to bottom. “Man, John Candy does something to my soul,” he says. “I love John Candy. He was basically playing a teddy bear. You know, he’s playing a dog, but he was cuddly. Joan Rivers and those one-liners, she was killin’ it. And Rick Moranis. It was just something that was just very wholesome for some reason. And as a kid, I just really gravitated toward that.”

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