Talking about an album inspired by “Stick Season,” the transition between fall and winter in Noah Kahan’s native Vermont, while on the 40-somethingth floor of a hotel in Midtown Manhattan is an unexpected pairing, but it’s as fitting a setting as any for a “Live From My Den” session with this folk-inspired singer-songwriter who’s also had a parallel career as a mainstream hitmaker, and who’s lived in both places.

He moved back to Vermont when the pandemic hit, and much of the album was created there. “I wanted to bring people to Vermont in the music,” he says, “so I looked at artists that created a great sense of place and can paint a picture of their homes. I listened to artists like Sam Fender and Phoebe Bridgers and Gregory Allen Isakov who can transport you somewhere with their songwriting. I was trying to figure out how they did that, and what made them so uniquely special at doing it, and it all came down to the storytelling and being willing to be personal and specific. So I started to try to take that kind of leap of faith and start writing about what was happening in my life.”

The album is both a love letter to his home state and a return to his folk origins, and also reflects the sense of isolation many of us felt during the pandemic, but also an uplift in the beauty of nature and a sense of home. Hear songs from the album and more about its story below.

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