Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban gave an emotional thanks at the Golden Globes to those helping with Australian fire relief efforts. The couple donated $500,000 Saturday to aid the firefighters battling massive brushfires that have been devastating the county.

“There’s enormous strength in the country right now in terms of camaraderie and helping each other,” Kidman told Variety on the Golden Globes Red carpet. “Obviously, we’re over here, so we’re going, ‘What can we do to help?’ But everyone has been so concerned. They know about it, and there’s been such incredible support. So, thank you.”

Urban added, “There’s a lot of people who have lost so much down there already, and there’s more to come, too. We’re not out of the woods; this is just really the beginning of summer. But people are doing amazing work down there. We want to thank everyone who’s been working so hard.”