Season 5 of “Superstore” came to an early ending on Thursday. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the series was one of many productions forced to cease operations in order to adhere to shelter-in-place and social distancing guidelines. The finale, titled “California (Part 1),” leaves the show in a particularly tricky state, as it is only the first half of what was supposed to be a two-part farewell for series lead America Ferrara. After the finale aired, series star Nico Santos, who plays the competitive sales associate Mateo Liwanag, came on the Variety After-Show to discuss the finale.

“I actually think it worked out,” Santos said. “The finale totally works this way. And for selfish reasons, we get to have America back for the Season 6 opening episode. We have to have a proper send-off for the fans to have closure with Amy leaving.”

Santos also took time to discuss how the pandemic has impacted him personally, discussing how he and his boyfriend are passing the time sheltering in place and reflecting on the passing of his stepfather who died of complications related to coronavirus last month.