The stars of “Ted Lasso” take their characters to heart. And for Nick Mohammed, who plays AFC Richmond’s complicated assistant coach Nate, seeing his character’s Season 2 deep dive into villainy was a tough pill to swallow.

“I genuinely found it tricky because I felt that I’d found a kind of sweet spot for Nate in Season 1, which was this kind of awkward, quite funny guy,” Mohammed explained. “But there were decidedly less jokes or less moments for humor for Nate in Season 2. So it definitely became just genuinely more of a challenge for me to act that.”

He continued: “I was surprised at the level of hate. I was like, ‘Oh, okay.'”

Joining Mohammed for the Variety Streaming Room, presented by Apple TV+, was “Ted Lasso’s” lovable supporting cast, including Hannah Waddingham, Phil Dunster, Sarah Niles, Cristo Fernandez, Toheeb Jimoh and Kola Bokinni. Also present were writers/cast members Brett Goldstein and Brendan Hunt, who also serves as executive producer on the series. Yvette Nicole Brown moderated the panel.

In an experience similar to Mohammed’s, Waddingham had a tough time in Season 2 with her character Rebecca’s path. To Waddingham, the extensive similarities between her and the soccer executive are almost creepy.

“If I’m perfectly honest, the first third of filming was quite difficult because I so much wanted to honor the fact that I am very aware of men and women in the middle of their lives being thrust into a place in their lives that they never thought they would have to find themselves or dig themselves out of,” Waddingham said. “And so, it was quite brilliant, really, because I was quite uncomfortable doing all the dating app stuff. Because I didn’t want to insult anyone who’s going through that and those choices, and also the whole thing of why someone in their middle age goes on to dating apps, what kind of ones they go on.”

Jimoh, who took a much more substantial role in Season 2, had a deeply personal stake with his portrayal of Nigerian-born soccer star Sam Obisanya.

“It was incredibly special to get to tell those stories in Season 2,” Jimoh explained. “That’s kind of why I wanted to do this in the first place, and to get an opportunity through a character like Sam was incredible. I got to show up for Nigeria, which is dope. Some of the responses and the messages that I got from people in Nigeria was insane. It was great.”

Watch the full conversation in the video above.