In a series of interviews with Variety, the stars of various Netflix series shared their biggest concerns for the upcoming election.

Lachlan Watson, who currently stars on “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” expressed concern over a basic lack of empathy. “I think the most pressing issue coming up to this election is treating people like people,” she told Variety. “It’s just such an essential thing that we’ve kind of lost out on in politics and the complications of everything. If we just get back to valuing people and treating people like equals and getting back to that yellow equality sign [the symbol of the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group], so much would change.”

Another major theme among the actors was climate change. Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young of “Never Have I Ever” recalled a Los Angeles rally they both went to together for the cause. “Tackling those issues now will help us further get to other issues before it’s too late to talk about anything else other than how warm it is in here,” said “I Am Not Okay With This” star Wyatt Oleff.

Other recurring topics included immigration reform and women’s right to choose.

The most frequent subject was a call to engage in elections in the first place. Diego Tinoco of “On My Block” said, “There were a lot of people that did not vote in 2016 and you’ve got to remember this is our country. Even if you’re 18, 19, if you’re still a teen or whatever, you need to register, you need to vote, and your voice needs to be heard.” Ross Butler of “13 Reasons Why” extended the sentiment to local and state politics. “Being well educated on all the different propositions that you can vote on that will actually affect you personally, that is a good segue into getting involved with the more national issues.”