North Carolina has a storied history of producing teen dramas, with Wilmington, North Carolina serving as the filming locations for “One Tree Hill” and “Dawson’s Creek.” And just four-and-a-half hours northeast of Wilmington is the Outer Banks, where Netflix’s newest teen drama is set.

“I’m from North Carolina, so I didn’t think that I would end up moving out to L.A. and then end up back on the East Coast filming show about North Carolina,” Madison Bailey (who stars as Kaira) told Variety’s Angelique Jackson. “But I like it. It makes me feel at home and I know that like my ‘at-home audience’ is going to be watching it.”

Bailey’s co-star Madelyn Cline (who portrays Sarah Cameron) also hails from the sun-soaked region — growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, where the series was shot.

“That’s my hometown. That’s where my parents are and my parents were like, ‘Live with us [while filming],’” Cline recalled while shaking her head “no.”

It seems Cline made the right call as she and her castmates — Chase Stokes (John B), Rudy Panow (JJ) and Jonathan Daviss (Pope) — “left their mark” on the city during their time filming the show.

“I feel like it was a rare experience for all of us to kind of go to a set and have an opportunity to actually live in it, in a place that you know you’re going to spend so much time in,” Stokes said. “It was one of those things to where we were allowed to sort of really dive into it before it happened.”

Daviss agreed: “It’s really pretty, it’s got like some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. I think the first day, we spent at the Chateau [John B’s home and one of the show’s main locations] to prepare for shooting together and we all watched the sun rise.”

“Outer Banks” follows a group of rough-and-tumble teens called the “pogues” — a term the series uses to describe the working-class locals who live on the island year-round — as they navigate the beginning of the summer season in the island community while avoiding their biggest adversary, the “kooks” — the wealthy, second-homers.

But the teens’ summer of fun gets thrown a major curveball when they discover a sunken boat that ultimately leads them on the adventure of a lifetime, with $400 million in gold at stake and real danger at every turn.

And aside from the treasure hunt, “Outer Banks” sets itself apart from its predecessors through its conversation on class politics, which is one of the driving points of the show. In facts, the conflicts often end in blows exchanged between the groups, because this is a rather rowdy bunch. So, it’s no surprise that the “pogues” and “kooks” unanimously voted for themselves when Variety asked who would win in a fight between the Netflix drama and the two teen classics.

“’Outer Banks!’” Bailey said. “Is that even a competition? … We’re tough, we have weapons.”

“One of our cast members, Cullen Moss (who plays Deputy Shoupe); he was on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘One Tree Hill.’ He’s a double whammy,” Stokes said. “But here’s the thing, Cullen would die in a firefight against us, in the best possible way.”

“Listen, I would be willing to go as far as saying ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ can team up and have like a battle royale and we’d still take ‘em out,” Stokes added, as Davis chimed in, “They’d still lose.”