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Natasha Lyonne
Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph Get Deep on Life and Death

Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph got existential on Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” in a conversation about “Russian Doll” and “Forever,” the death-centric shows they respectively star in.

“Speaking of adulthood, inevitably it only goes in one direction which [is], spoiler alert, the end for all of us: death,” Lyonne said. 

Rudolph noted she’s recently become fascinated with the concept of death, describing her morbid interest as “an itch that I just want to scratch.” She asked a string of existential questions: “What else is there? Is this it?”

“On a bad day I’m going to say, ‘This is f–king it. This is bulls–t,'” she mused. “And on a great day, I’m going to say, ‘What if we get to see our loved ones? What if there is something else?’

Rudolph said Lyonne sent her a time lapse video of the end of the world, which Rudolph said “f—ed me up so good.” Lyonne told Rudolph not to worry because the “real end” will happen trillions of years from now. “We’ve got lots of time,” reassured Lyonne. 

Rudolph, though, insisted society gets too caught up in trivial matters, like “are my eyebrows too thick?” and “should I go blonde?” After the earth is gone and the sun explodes “there’s going to be no record of the Beatles,” she lamented.

Lyonne called “Forever” and “Russian Doll” both “deeply optimistic” shows, despite their macabre subject matter. “Yes, they’re existential in nature. Yes, life and death, but mostly life. They use death as a way in, to talk about life and how much relationships matter,” said Lyonne. 

“Actors on Actors” airs on PBS June 18 and 20.

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