Nicole Byer, host of amateur bake-off series “Nailed It!,” made history last month when she became the first Black woman to be nominated for an Emmy in the outstanding host for a reality or competition program category.

Speaking with Variety‘s Marc Malkin on “The Big Ticket” podcast, Byer expressed her excitement over the nomination.

“People sometimes go, ‘It’s very humbling,’ but I’m like humbling means you’re smaller than you are. … This is affirming,” Byer said. “I feel delightful, and I love screaming around my house, ‘I am an Emmy nominee!’”

Byer got the gig on “Nailed It!” from her work as a comedian on shows like “Girl Code” and “Loosely Exactly Nicole.”

“I met with the production company, and I don’t know who, but somebody had seen me perform, and they said that they liked my style of comedy and that they were looking for a comedian because they did want the show to be funny, but they didn’t want it to be mean funny,” Byer said. “I was like, ‘Well, I’m not an insult comic. I don’t have that in me. But I do think I can call out the reality of the situation.'”

As for who her dream judge to work with on “Nailed It!” would be, Byer wants Beyoncé – and her whole family, if possible.

“I would love Beyoncé. Somebody has to go to school with Blue Ivy, in the production or at Netflix, that can be like, ‘Blue, do you watch ‘Nailed It!’?’ And she’s like, ‘Yes, I do,'” Byer said. “And then we bring Beyoncé, we bring Jay, we bring Blue, and we have the whole beautiful family. Rumi and Sir, they can come too. Maybe Kelly comes, and then maybe Miss Tina comes. Miss Tina’s very funny. I want the whole clan. I love them.”

Watch the full conversation above. — Written by Ellise Shafer