Stars at the 51st NAACP Image Awards shared with Variety what they thought were the most important election issues, including climate change and healthcare.

Yvette Nicole Brown expressed her concern for the environmental. “If we can’t breath, we have nothing. If it’s too hot, we are all dead,” Brown told Variety. “I don’t even have kids and I’m worried about everyone else’s kids, and that’s how the 94% votes anyway. We vote for everybody.”

Robin Thede, creator of “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” addressed the “basic” issues she believes both parties should be concerned with. “Education is important, healthcare is important, people need to have jobs — it’s the basic things that Democrats and Republicans truly care about. We try to act like they are partisan issues, but everybody wants to be able to live and have their kids have a great education.”

Another major concern was voter suppression and getting Americans out to vote.

“I think we can talk about all these issues and these candidates, but if people’s votes don’t count then none of it matters,” said “Hair Love” director Matthew A. Cherry. “We can have the best candidate moving forward, but if they’re trying to steal an election, then it doesn’t matter, so I think voter suppression is one of the biggest issues.”

“We waste so much of our time anyway and people are like, ‘Oh my vote doesn’t count,’ and it’s like, okay well, waste your time trying,” said “Grown-ish” actor Luka Sabbat.

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