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When social distancing and shelter-in-place regulations took hold earlier this year, the creative team behind Apple TV Plus’s original comedy series “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” took a break from drafting the show’s second season to create a special exploring how the characters would operate under the quarantine.

Series star, co-creator and executive producer Rob McElhenney, co-creator Megan Ganz and star Charlotte Nicdao joined the Variety Streaming Room, presented by Apple TV Plus, to discuss the special. Moderated by Variety senior editor Michael Schneider, the group explained the swift production process behind “Mythic Quest: Quarantine.”

“[We were] just looking to get the crew paid and back to work,” McElhenny said. “Meg and I and [series star] David Hornsby were spending a lot of time on this exact interface, Zoom, taking about the second season… We finished the scripts and, subsequently, we’re going to have to go back and rewrite those as well, because the entire world is completely different. But at that point we realized we didn’t have much to do. So we thought let’s figure out a way in which we can get up and running. The only way we could do that is to shoot an episode on quarantine.”

One of the more difficult bouts of troubleshooting involved getting cast member F. Murray Abraham, a newcomer to smart phone technology, to join the team’s Zoom call.

“We [sent] him an iPhone, which he hadn’t really engaged with necessarily,” Ganz said. “Yesterday, we all signed into a Zoom together and I signed in and the first thing I saw was that there were two F. Murray Abraham boxes on the screen. He had somehow signed in twice and they were trying to figure out how that even happened… But he was great. And our post department really exercised just a ton of patience, walking him through how to put all these apps on his phone and all the settings. It was really technically complicated, what they were asking him to do. And it did result in like him accidentally calling the emergency number twice while they were setting it up.”

Watch the full conversation above.