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Montel Williams Salute to Service
Montel Williams Salute to Service

Montel Williams Criticizes Trump's Relationship With the Military and Veterans

Veteran and talk show host Montel Williams says President Trump doesn’t understand his role as commander in chief.

Speaking at Variety‘s Salute to Service event, Williams criticized Trump’s use of the military, and says POTUS fails to recognize the human lives behind the United States’ military forces.

“This is the first commander in chief that I believe doesn’t recognize what his role is and doesn’t understand that they’re not pawns on a chessboard; he’s responsible for their lives,” Williams said. “I don’t believe he understands that, never has understood that…so I’m not really that much of a believer in his relationship other than the fact that he likes people to stand up, salute and say aye aye sir.”

Williams also spoke to the President’s recent actions in the White House press room, which resulted in reporter Jim Acosta losing his media pass. Williams called the recent news conference “one of the most dangerous assaults on the Constitution that we’ve ever seen.” However, he added that he’s more worried about America’s reaction to the event.

“The thing that bothers me the most about it is that… 85% of this country is still so narcissistic, they don’t care, and they won’t care until it’s too late,” he said.

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