The writer and actress arrived at the red carpet in a yellow gown and an illustrious necklace, identical to the one that her character and the rest of the cast steals in “Ocean’s 8.”

In the actress’ 2019 film “Late Night,” which she wrote and starred in, Kaling plays the first woman in a writers room for a late night talk show. Kaling drew upon her own experience in the industry in formulating the movie. When asked to comment on the lack of diversity in this year’s group of Oscar nominees, Kaling expressed hope for the future.

“It would be nice if there were more people of color nominated,” Kaling told Variety. “I have to say I truly love so many of the performances tonight: Brad Pitt, Laura Dern, Saoirse (Ronan). But there’s also been so many other incredible performances. Jodie Turner-Smith (and) Daniel (Kaluuya of ‘Queen and Slim’). I think we’ll have more next year. I’m hopeful.”

On the topic on the absence of Greta Gerwig from the best director for her work on best picture nominee “Little Women,” Kaling recounted her surprise. “‘Little Women’ was my favorite movie, so I was surprised the Greta [Gerwig] wasn’t nominated, for sure.” When asked why this snub occurred Kaling wasn’t certain but revealed that she, a member of the Academy, indeed voted for her.

Kaling and Beanie Feidstein presented the statuettes for animated feature to “Toy Story 4” and animated short to “Hair Love” earlier in tonight’s ceremony.

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