Mindy Kaling on Rebooting 'The Office'
Mindy Kaling on Rebooting 'The Office'

Mindy Kaling on Rebooting 'The Office'

By the time it ended in 2013, the American version of “The Office” had already been heralded as one of the best comedy series of all time. So naturally, ideas for possible spin-offs and reboots have long been floated by both the show’s creators and fans.

Mindy Kaling, who was a writer on “The Office” and played resident gossip expert Kelly Kapoor, talked about if she’d be down to appear in a hypothetical reboot in Variety’s latest cover story.

“I think that anything Greg Daniels decided to do, I would watch and love and want to help him with,” said Kaling, who wrote and stars in the upcoming film, “Late Night.”

As for Kelly’s fate, Kaling offers a less optimistic prediction.

“There is not an insignificant part of me that thinks that Kelly might be in jail,” she said. “Crime of passion?”

Although fans rejoiced when (spoiler alert!) Kelly and B.J. Novak’s character Ryan Howard got back together in the series finale, Kaling herself doesn’t envision a bright future for the lovebirds.

“I don’t want to say that she murdered Ryan, but I am also not convinced that he’ still alive in the world of ‘The Office.’ It’s been 11 years, right?” Kaling said.

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