Michael Douglas admits that he’s frustrated that comedy doesn’t get much attention at the Academy Awards. “Comedy is much more difficult than drama,” the Emmy-nominated “The Kominsky Method” star told Variety. “We cherish a funny friend because we don’t have a lot of them. So it’s a real, real gift.”

Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Paul Reiser joined Variety Deputy TV Editor Michael Schneider in the Variety Streaming Room, presented by Netflix, to discuss the third and final season of “The Kominksy Method,” including the show’s six Emmy nominations.

The series follows Sandy Kominsky, played by Douglas, an acting coach who never quite got his big acting break. In his 70s, Kominksy often feels like time is slipping away, but with the help of his longtime agent Norman Newlander, played by Alan Arkin, the two continue to see the world in a comedic light and not take themselves too seriously. With their friendship being the most prominent relationship in the series, viewers were shocked to learn that Arkin would not be returning for Season 3 — with the death of his character kicking off the new season.

“We were a little concerned and nervous about how it would be received without Alan,” Douglas said. “It’s been a good lesson and exercise for everybody given that we got good writing and an incredible cast.” After Norman’s death, Sandy learns that he left him and his daughter $10 million and put a good word in to Barry Levinson – which ultimately helped Sandy finally receive his long-awaited Emmy.

Morgan Freeman and Paul Reiser are included in the third season after Arkin’s exit. Morgan Freeman guest stars as Morgan Freeman, who visits Sandy’s acting class and a competition escalates between the two. Paul Reiser plays Martin Schneider, who is Sandy’s age — but who is dating Sandy’s younger daughter.

Freeman, a fan of the show before his casting, said he was drawn to the show’s writing, led by creator Chuck Lorre. “I always get off on writing, I guess all actors do. And the one thing that this show mostly stands out with me is that the writing is so good.”

When asked if it’s tricky playing a satirical version of himself, Freeman said he found an ease to it. “I just do it, it’s just the same as anything else,” he said. “I just try to be myself. Writers know me so well and my rhythms are kind of well known.”

“The Kominksy Method” received six Emmy nominations, with Douglas being nominated for lead actor in a comedy, and Reiser in supporting actor in a comedy, and Freeman as guest comedy actor

“There is so much streaming, so many network shows. So, from all of that, to get tapped on the shoulder and have your work appreciated is a little extra nice,” Reiser said.

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