There is a major change coming to the entertainment industry. Companies are beginning to expand the way in which they engage with their audiences through new emerging technologies such as virtual reality. One of the tech companies leading the charge toward a more immersive world is Meta.  

Most recently, Meta Horizon Worlds and Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions joined forces to bring immersive technology to fans of Peele’s recent film “Nope.” It’s hard to understate the importance of being able to truly connect content with fans, according to Keisha Senter, Monkeypaw vice president of culture and impact.  

“It’s just another avenue in and another channel to introduce people to your content, new content that you’re rolling out like ‘Nope.’ And so, I think that’s just another way to connect with the audience, another way to meet people where they are,” Senter said at the Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit sponsored by Meta. 

Not only is it integral for building fandom, but it’s equally beneficial for the creators, according to Omar Zayat, who leads industry and entertainment for Meta’s global business group.

“It was not just the consumer experience,” he said. “They saw the value, and they had this bold vision for the metaverse ecosystem as a whole, especially around creators. And they had this really great notion of this is a way for us to create economic opportunity, not just in the metaverse, but for the creators that help build it, this incredible next generation of talent.” 

Zayat also announced a “high-impact, high-frequency ad solution” called Meta Moment Maker.

“Through this campaign, the results we saw were pretty incredible,” he said. “It positive lifted NRG brand intent. We know that often when you see a lift in intents, it correlates to great box office sales. We saw those NRG metrics go up. We also saw incremental lift in conversations and we saw a double-digit lift in audience reached. We were able to use the entire breadth of the Meta platform to really bring this to life and see it on a whole other level of scale that had been done before.” 

Though the emergence of immersive tech has its benefits, there are still some barriers to entry. For example, the “Nope” world is only accessible for those who have access to the Meta Quest 2 headset. However, Zayat noted that the company is focused on increasing accessibility in the future on other devices such as desktops and mobile.  

This is just the beginning for Monkeypaw and Meta Horizon Worlds. Senter mentioned that immersive worlds adapted from Peele’s other films, “Get Out” and “Us,” launched on Tuesday.